Neighborhood Cookbook

We’re hungry for change. Spare a recipe?

We’re calling anyone and everyone who lives in the Central District and Beacon Hill to help us compile your very own community cook book! In a continued effort to help keep our farms growing and our wheels spinning, we’ve decided to launch an eBook with a collection of recipes from each neighborhood our farms serve.

The details:

1. You submit (with the form below), we’ll compile. Simple!
2. For submitting a recipe, you’ll get a free .PDF version containing all selected recipes.
3. Once we’re ready to go, we’ll publish the eBook online and it will be available for download at an affordable price — around $2.99 – $4.99.

When will this be ready? You know, that’s a good question. Depending on response levels and how long it takes to edit/format things properly, it could take a while. Our goal is to have one ready to go by the time spring comes along for each neighborhood.

Ready? Set? Share!


*Form not working? Email us! Please include your name, email, ingredient list, cooking directions, what neighborhood you live in (central district or beacon hill) and a brief story about the history/importance food/farming has played in your life. Send all emails to

**Want to help us rack up some amazing recipes?
Use the “Share” buttons below + post to Facebook or share the shortened link for this page —
Download these forms (central district) (beacon hill) and distribute in the neighborhood. If you distribute these, please pick them up + then get in touch with us to drop them off.

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